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The Power of Accent Pillows

Feb 10, 2010

Are you in need of a home makeover but don’t want or need to replace all of your existing furniture? Combining accent pillows and contrasting colors with your existing home décor can add life to virtually any room of the house.

Adding a contrasting recliner, accent chair, or club chair to a neutral living room setting can modernize and energize any living room or den. Accent pillows can then be used to tie the contrasting chair(s) to a sofa and/or loveseat, creating the desired appearance.

Accent pillows can be used to either add color to or tone down brighter colors on furniture. At Furniture Mart, we offer accent pillows on many of our living room groups. Accent pillows are also available for purchase separately, and special orders are available from La-Z-Boy, Lane, Berkline & Ashley. Don’t forget about sprucing up the bedroom! Accent pillows can brighten your master or guest bedrooms.

Our sales consultants can help you to make the best use of accent pillows with your existing or new furniture. Bring in a sofa cushion, pillow, or paint sample that you want to match or contrast, and we’ll work with you to find the pieces and colors you need. As always, we’ll assist you with our no-pressure sales approach.
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