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12 Days of Savings

Dec 10, 2011

As the Christmas holiday shopping season is nearing an end, Furniture Mart is giving you a last chance to save big on merchandise throughout the store with our 12 Days of Savings Event. Each day, a new printable coupon or online savings opportunity will be posted (one day in advance).

Be sure to visit the website starting Sunday, December 11 and each day forward to see what's next. "Like" us on Facebook ( and you'll see each new savings opportunity posted daily.

If you're looking for a particular item, stay tuned! Each department (living room, bedroom, recliners, appliances, mattresses, dining room, curios, accessory tables) will be featured at least once during the 12 Days of Savings Event.

Merry Christmas and Happy Savings from your friends at Furniture Mart.
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